Defining a Marketing Strategy for a Large Manufacturing Group Based in East Africa

Background and Challenge

The client, a large manufacturing group based in East Africa wanted to build a robust marketing and brand strategy that would allow it to:

  • Penetrate the market more effectively
  • Combat increasing competition from cheaper imports
  • Capture customer mind share
  • Consider the possibility of entry in the U.S. and other East African market places

Thus, it turned to UC to develop a marketing and brand strategy for the same.

Approach and Recommendations

To develop the marketing and brand strategy of the company, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Understood the top management vision about the brand they wanted to build
  • Conducted background research
  • Examined the current set-up in the following areas:

    1) Marketing Strategy

    2) Distribution Strategy

    3) Organisation Design

    4) Technology Strategy

    5)Branding Strategy

  • Summarised the gaps in the demand chain related to product, pricing, promotion, distribution, channel management, branding, people and marketing information systems
  • Identified recommendations/corrective measures to be taken in each area
  • Prepared a detailed implementation plan.


The client received a detailed implementation plan to penetrate its market more effectively. The gaps in the demand chain were also well-defined, such that the client could capture a better customer share.