Defining a Blueprint of Systems, Procedures and Organisational Arrangements for a Software Company

The client, a software company planned to develop and build existing business lines which included web designing for B2C and B2B portals. For this, the company had obtained an initial round…

Information Technology Blueprint for a Medium Sized Plastic Products Manufacturing Company

The client had ambitious growth objectives. The company had an absence of accurate and timely information for business decision-making across the levels and the functions of the…

Conducting a Diagnostic Review and a Restructuring of the Operations and Organisation for a Software Development Company

The client had developed a series of software packages for general and life insurance agents, and ventured in a few allied businesses such as skills selling, software projects, etc. However,…

Developing a Blueprint for Growth for a Leading Auto Design House

The client had a presence in the following business lines: Advisory/ consulting to leading auto companies in India and internationally, concept and prototype design and development of…

Assessing the Market and Developing Business Strategy for a Ceramic Tile Manufacturer

The company was a market leader in floor tiles and was highly profitable with a plant located in the west, one of the largest markets. A general recession and excess capacity in the floor…

Business Reengineering for a Jewellery Retailing Company

The client, a jewellery retailer was faced with many challenges within its organisation. It turned to UC with the following issues

Designing an Engagement Management System and Creating a Blueprint of a Design and Tiling Company

The client setup operations for implementing large scale projects in the UAE after a decade of experience in the trading of building materials. The growth of the organisation

Information Technology Strategy for a Financial Investment Services Company

The client, a financial investment services company was into 5 business lines

An Organisation Review for an Electronic Component Manufacturing Company

The client company had stagnating sales revenues for past few years (1998-99) and a declining profit margin in 1998-99. There were poorly defined planning systems

An Operational Review for a Colour Tinting Machines Manufacturing Company

The client company?s service business had grown rapidly in the last one year but was characterised by an absence of clearly defined visions and values and an absence