Defining an Organisation Review for a Pencil Manufacturing Company

The client, a pencil manufacturer turned to UC to restructure its organisation as it faced the following challenges

A Diagnostic Study on the Conceptualisation of an Online Shopping Mall

The client was considering an exploratory venture in one of its divisions. It requested UC to assist in conceptualising an online shopping mall and the organisation plan and infrastructure…

Business Reengineering for a Shipping Company

The client, a shipping company faced the following problems

Developing and Implementing an Entry Strategy for a Telecom Company

The client, an international telecom company was looking to enter the software and internet business as an effective means to build and sustain its shareholder value

Preparing a Corporate and Business Unit Strategy for a Chemicals Company

The client, a chemicals company was facing the following challenges

Solving Human Resource Problems for a Copper Tubes Manufacturing Company

The company was facing the following problems: Inadequate working capital low morale of people and information gaps in the performance levels of people, resulting in skewed appraisals

Redesigning the Sales and Service Operations for a Telecom Company

The client, a telecom company was facing the following challenges in its business

Strategic Cost Reduction for a Plastic Fittings and other Injections Manufacturing Company

The client was manufacturer of luggage fasteners, with units in Daman and Goregaon. Its customers included a host of luggage manufacturers. Sales growth and profit

Defining a Marketing Strategy for a Software Company

The client was a leading software company incorporated in Gujarat and employing around 15 people. It had developed a web transact suite (WTS) including an application server, an integrated…

Defining a Growth Strategy for a Leading Automotive Castings Company

The client belonged to one of the largest industrial houses in India which had diversified into manufacturing castings and had two manufacturing plants located in Maharashtra. The client was…