Information Technology Blueprint for a Medium Sized Plastic Products Manufacturing Company


The client had ambitious growth objectives. The company had an absence of accurate and timely information for business decision-making across the levels and the functions of the organisation. The top management perceived that integrated information systems across the organisation would yield significant benefits through an improved ‘bottom line’.

Our Approach

To create the information technology blueprint, UC did the following:

  • Identified core and support processes
  • Defined information needs across the processes, functions and levels
  • Defined application systems
  • Defined functionalities of each of the application systems
  • Defined interfaces of application systems
  • Evaluated and recommended discontinuation of the existing information systembased on criteria like functional robustness, technical robustness and ease of use
  • Recommended that the organisation implement a packaged enterprise resource planning solution (ERP)
  • Evaluated 9 ERP packages and 11 ERP vendors and selected the best suited package and vendor based onthe following -
    • Functionality fit
    • Product cost
    • Hardware cost
    • Maintenance cost
    • Implementation cost
    • Implementation time frame
    • Industry experience
    • Implementation capability (methodology, number of live sites, consultant support, track record, implementation ownership and customer satisfaction)
    • On-going support
    • Long term viability of the vendor


UC successfully completed the implementation of all modules of selected ERP package and assisted the top management in managing post-live information management issues.