Defining a Feasibility Plan for Retailing Ready to Wear Products for a Large Textile Company

Background and Challenge

The client, a large textile company had an existing retail network of 170 stores spread across the country, through which it was largely selling fabric, primarily catering to the middle and upper middle income groups. However, the client was looking to market its Ready to Wear (RTW) and Ready to Use (RTU) range of products through this current retail network. It turned to UC to define the feasibility plan for the same.

Approach and Recommendations

To define the feasibility plan of retailing the RTW products, UC conducted a dip stick study with retailers, dealers and competition stores to answer the following questions for the client:

  • Conducted a secondary research to understand the industry
  • Also conducted a primary research in key markets, including metros and tourist destinations in the country to the following segments

    1) Consumers (individuals, institutions, hotels, bars, restaurants)

    2) Retailers

    3) Distributors

    4) Competitors

  • Conducted an in-depth study of key international markets to understand the export potential of the brand
  • Defined the positioning of the brand in the domestic and international market
  • Defined the marketing strategy including the brand image, target segment, pricing, distribution plan, packaging and prepared the penetration strategy.


The client received an in-depth implementation plan to market its brand and also a better understanding of the international market.