Assessing the Market for High End Apparel, Watches and Footwear in India for an International Sporting Goods Company


The client, an international sporting goods company was evaluating potential partners to distribute their range of products in India. The range included sunglasses, prescription eyewear, apparel, watches, footwear and other sports accessories. The client approached UC to conduct a market study for apparel, watches and footwear in India.

Our Approach

To undertake a market assessment for apparel, watches and footwear in India, UC adopted the following steps:

  • Understood client’s product range and obtained an overview of their marketing strategy
  • Conducted in-depth primary and secondary research to understand the Indian market for sporting goods and lifestyle products
  • Built industry profiles containing market size, growth, trends, duty structures, channel margins, positioning of key players and other information for sports apparel, sports footwear and hi-end watches in India
  • Prepared case studies of key players in each of these categories to understand their strategies, product ranges, pricing, distribution network, and future plans, highlighting key learning's from successes and failures of international players in India
  • Provided a perspective on marketing strategies for the client in India


The client received an in-depth market understanding for the apparel, footwear and watch industry. As a result of our work, the client was able to chart their entry in India.