A Strategy to Gain Market Share for a General Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Operations Company


The client, an aviation maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) player in India, had limited growth in its business segment. They wanted to assess the market and the entire gamut of the MRO business in India, and based on that, develop an understanding of individual service segments within the industry. The client wanted UC to develop a strategy to gain market share in the aviation MRO market for unscheduled and privately held new and replacement aircraft fleet.

Our Approach 

To develop the strategy to gain market share across various service segments, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted in-depth primary research with customers/private owners of unscheduled fleets and of MROs serving the general aviation segment to study the demand and supply of service segments
  • Developed summary snapshots for individual service segments assessing the gaps within each and identifying opportunities for the client
  • Defined the competitive position of the client with respect to other MRO service providers
  • Conducted workshops with the regional sales teams as well as with the top management to arrive at a set of recommendations.


The client received detailed feedback on various service offerings from a diverse set of operators including its own customers as well as insights from its competitors. An elaborate set of recommendations were also delivered based on UC’s suggestions and series of workshops were conducted with client’s top management.