Digital Strategy & E Commerce Consulting

In 2015, India has the third largest population in terms of internet users in the world. According to the Internet Live Stats, the strength of Indian consumers driving the country towards a digital future are estimated to be ~250 million Indians. Internet access is mainstreaming among professionals and the use of smart phones is intensifying. Everything is scaled to a Digital platform in context of consumers as well as suppliers. The need has become a necessity for further development in one's organisation. 

UC has been formulating and executing strategies for the past 20 years and understands the need for a digital strategy as a part of the overall business strategy. UC helps organisations adopt and develop the Digital Strategy & E-Commerce platform, for our clients to be prepared in the emerging digital world. Digital strategy focuses on the enterprise-level transformation of the core business and helps to focus on all aspects of the organisation, i.e. marketing, sales, service, product management, supply chain, distribution, human resources, finance and administration.

An important part of this strategy includes communication via the right channels to the right audience by adopting digital tools (Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media (SM), Public Relations (PR), Search Engine Optimization (SEM) and Content Marketing (CM)).