Financial Services Consulting


Location Evaluation for the Trust Structuring Division of a Bank on behalf of an International Management Consulting firm

A European bank was looking to identify and evaluate Trust Locations and Booking Center Locations as alternatives to the existing offshore financial centers. Their Trust Structuring Division catered mainly to high net worth individuals, with sizeable offshore assets, from Germany, UK, France, Italy and other EU nations

Creating a Business Plan for a Charity Management Service

The client, a charity management service intended to pool assets of investors with a desire to contribute to India related charitable investments. The NRI community was targeted as the primary source of funds for the venture. The funds from these investments would be utilised for charitable causes defined by the board of advisors

Entry Strategy for the Business Financial Services Division of a Multinational Bank in India

The client was a large multinational bank that planned to offer banking products and services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Top management wanted to understand the market with respect to the following factors

Market Study on the Indian Mutual Fund Industry for a Business Consulting Firm

The client, a business consulting firm, required a thorough study on the Indian mutual funds industry. The objective was to evaluate possible alliance options that could be pursued by a foreign player to enter into the Indian asset management industry

Process Streamlining and Developing an Information Technology Strategy for a Banking Organisation

The client was in its fourth year of operations and had tremendous growth plans. It had businesses in venture capital syndication, portfolio management, proprietary trading and investment banking

Defining the Business Strategy for a Brokerage Firm

The client was amongst the first to offer screen based trading to its sub-brokers via PSTN lines through innovative use of technology and was able to experience rapid growth (CAGR of 100% since inception). Though it was amongst the first broking firms in India to demonstrate their internet trading engine and obtain approval from SEBI, the company lost the opportunity due to a lack of speedy implementation and an absence of proper organisation structure

Information Technology Strategy for a Financial Investment Services Company

The client, a financial investment services company was into 5 business lines

Entry Strategy into India for a Pneumatic Components Manufacturer

A large Italian company manufacturing pneumatic components was evaluating entering the Indian market. An Italian consulting firm requested UC to assist them in conducting the market study and developing an entry strategy for their client in Italy

Defining a Framework to Assess Credit Profiles of Players in the Garment Exports Industry for a Leading Foreign Bank in India

The client was one of the leading foreign banks in India. The top management in India was in the process of reviewing its businesses, products and customer segments to identify new drivers of growth. As part of the initiatives, top management wished to examine the garment exports industry to determine the credit profile that included

Review of the Customer Service Processes of an Asset Management Company

The client, an asset management company had assets under management (AUM) of Rs.16,219 crores, as of April 30, 2004 under its 20 funds, making it the third largest mutual fund house in India. The company had a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Nine locations were equipped to deal with the system, but the other locations were not yet connected. The company felt the pressure to move fast and to provide its customers with superior customer service