Creating an IT Strategy for a Pharmaceutical Company


The client did not have a knowledge-based information system, e.g. doctor database, scientific/ technical database. The client did not have systems to manage key activities like new product development, clinical trials and research, or systems to facilitate communication with the field force. The existing ‘transaction oriented systems’ were not catering to top management information requirements. There was an under-utlilisation of existing hardware and software resources. The company was looking for a comprehensive information technology solution ranging from enterprise resource planning systems to applications.

Our Approach 

UC suggested an implementation process for an information technology (IT) strategy. We recommended a phased approach to IT considering the current scale of operations.

  • Phase I: Prioritise information requirements and design an interim solution to cater to requirements
  • Phase II: Consider a comprehensive solution in the medium-term as the scale of the business operations becomes larger and the complexity of managing information increases.

UC implemented Phase - I of the strategy was as follows:

  • Designed and developed a spreadsheet based on top management MIS Reporting systems
  • Designed and developed a based ‘doctor database’ to manage the company’s relationship with doctors.


As a result of UCs suggested approach, the client was able to optimise the usage of its current resources (software and hardware) and defer further investment on a large scale information technology solution.