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The Life Sciences, Healthcare and Medical Technology (MedTech) market in India is highly uneven and yet rapidly growing. Considering the domestic limited manufacturing and retail players in this market, UC is approached by many companies for market assessment and defining entry strategies. UC helps life sciences and pharmaceutical executives with their strategic decision making to develop winning strategies in a dynamic healthcare market. UC has done extensive work with clients across a variety of medical equipment like DNA instruments, pacemakers, stents, valves, defibrillator, hearing aids and more. Recent illustrative engagements include a market assessment for mass spectrometers in India, assessing the market opportunity for hip, knee and spinal implants in India, assessing the Indian market for DNA amplification instrumentation, defining a strategy to increase adoption by reimbursement agencies of devices and implants for a leading MNC in India and more.

Practice Areas

  • Hospitals in India have continued to face increasing pressures around MedTech Equipment with respect to budgets and technology. To keep itself updated, MedTech companies are pushed to be strategic about product introductions. The clients turn to UC to assist them in navigating these channels and developing strategies to increase their profitabilty
  • UC assisted a client interested in exploring the molecular diagnostic market in India for a low cost real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) the company developed. UC landscaped the Indian diagnostic market, the overall molecular diagnostic market as well as the other market segments. It identified a menu of tests, outlined the pricing strategies, and explored the potential entry options. It recommended the entry strategy which involved a series of initiatives such as tying-up with private and government healthcare bodies, and exploring partners for reagent manufacturing, to cut costs and reduce the time to market entry. UC suggested the pricing for diagnostic kits for each test and recommended key initiatives to be adopted by the client. A timeline was drawn outlining the entry of the client along with the suggestions on possible operating model
  • The client was developing a low cost instrument for real time PCR. The client has approached UC to conduct a market assessment for nucleic acid sample collection and processing in India. UC estimated the market for nuclei acid sample collection and processing in India and developed a map of all the types of workflow protocols adopted by research and diagnostic labs in India. It understood and highlighted reasons for switching from manual to automated workflow systems while understanding the possible opportunities within the market for the client. The client received a plan to launch the testing platform, tests (kits) and sample processing platform (and kits).

  • India is considered as a global hub for contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) and related services. We have seen significant development in the recent past with renowned players that are expanding their global footprint as well as strategically leveraging capabilities in India. While India is known for capabilities in chemical and related services, players are now building significant capabilities across diverse platforms. Our experience in CRAMS spans the spectrum from discovery to commercial manufacturing
  • UC has examined levers for success in early stage drug development and formulations development for a leading Indian MNC
  • UC has also evaluated feasibility of investing in a global scale salicylic acid plant
  • UC developed a corporate strategy for a leading CRAMS player included discovery services, custom chemical synthesis and commercial manufacturing, generic APIs, analytical services, formulation development, informatics and clinical trials management
  • UC has examined cost optimisation opportunities in its European operations for a leading Indian CRAMS player
  • We have also conducted a partner screen for strategic investment for an API player.

  • The healthcare industry in India has advanced at a remarkable pace since the last decade. The contribution of the private players in the sector has been impressive. Given UC's healthcare sector experience, healthcare companies and related service providers approach UC to assist them with the creation and execution of growth strategies and building successful entry and survival strategies amidst the intense competition in the healthcare space in India
  • A US based association representing leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies with a mission to conduct effective advocacy of public policies for patient benefits approached UC. The client wanted to initiate a dialogue with the Indian government to improve the healthcare environment with positive public policy approaches of healthcare financing and reform. UC landscaped the Indian healthcare environment and examined the demographic and healthcare disparities amongst different segments of the Indian population and examined the existing structure for financing and reform Government funding, pre-payment methods like social insurance, private health insurance, community insurance, and out of pocket expenditure. UC examined international financing methods relevant to different segments of the population and outlined major successful models of public private partnerships. UC also conducted discussions with key stakeholders in the healthcare financing ecosystem to examine the ability to implement and challenges for recommended initiatives. The client received ground level perspectives as UC created a platform for the client to initiate dialogue with the Indian government and key stakeholders such as insurers, and others, on public policy options for healthcare financing with assessment of equity, efficiency, feasibility and sustainability towards different population segments.

  • The Big Pharma sector has seen immense growth in the recent times. Research-led major pharma companies are looking at the growing domestic markets and other markets like UAE. Amidst increasing competition in the space, companies are challenged to understand the industry, for peak revenue estimates, to get a better patent environment, pricing and market access. Clients engage UC to assist them with market access, peak revenues estimates, entry strategies, business plans and pricing and reimbursement
  • UC has assessed the market for a novel breast cancer molecule in India and Turkey and the Indian market for therapeutic neurotoxins
  • UC has also assessed the Japanese and EU NDDS market for Parkinsons
  • We have also developed a growth strategy for the diabetes care segment by using an integrated approach spanning diagnostics, therapeutics and nutrition for a leading MNC in India.

  • The Biopharma market is expected to be 45 billion USD by 2020. The prescription and over the counter segments are growing faster than the overall pharma market. It has increasingly attracted the attention of several categories of players. The recent environment is increasingly challenging with recent proposals surrounding pricing of pharmaceuticals, driving players to re-examine their growth strategies and means to improve profitability
  • UC has reviewed opportunities for a niche pharmaceutical company in rabies anti-sera and anti-fungals
  • UC has also assessed drivers of sales force productivity of a regional pharmaceutical player
  • UC has assessed opportunities for sales force collaboration between the pharma and nutrition divisions.

  • Therapeutics and other drug delivery mechanisms continue to evolve and increase, requiring MedTech companies to have a cutting edge over its product, price and technology. UC has deep expertise in Medical Technology sector along with Life Sciences and Healthcare verticals to answer critical strategic questions across therapeutic areas
  • For example - The client, a niche pharmaceutical company had limited growth in a high growth therapeutic segment. It wanted to define the strategy for two key products in the domestic market. In addition to that, the client wanted to address its profitability, by entering the high realisation exports market and improving its cost structure. UC created a domestic market strategy for two key products, we highlighted issues with the existing process for selecting and entering a new export market, and recommended a structured market assessment process.

  • Medical and surgical devices have been subject to changing dynamics with the increasing pricing pressure and continuously evolving technologies. UC has been successful in assisting companies in this sector to respond strategically and maintain its market position and growth
  • A client intended to set up a health care portal and a health care network service. The portal was to contain content such as electronic health records, patient management, clinical services, drug dictionaries etc. and also the associated categories/ services such as the medical conference registrations, medical products (hospital supplies, surgical equipment etc.), medico legal advice, medical insurance claims etc. The client requested UC to assist in conceptualising the portal and primary healthcare network services for the Indian market and documenting it in the form of a report that could then be presented to its business partners, venture capitalists and other stakeholders. UC conducted background research on medical websites and portals on the internet and understood content available in online form with the joint venture partner and defined what would be relevant to the Indian environment. UC outlined the content that will appeal to the target audience. UC also prepared a rough cut assessment of business potential and indicative financials. The client received a detailed implementation plan and a business model including the financials, target audience, organisation structure and an indicative rough cut for products and services.

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