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Creating an IT Strategy for a Pharmaceutical Company

The client did not have a knowledge-based information system, e.g. doctor database, scientific/ technical database. The client did not have systems to manage key activities like new product development, clinical trials and research, or systems to facilitate communication with the field force. The existing ?transaction oriented systems? were not catering to top management information requirements

A Business Plan for Setting up Ayurvedic Centers

The client was a leading Ayurvedic drugs manufacturer and was considering diversifying into healthcare services. The top management was evaluating setting up a chain of alternative and rejuvenation therapy centers in Mumbai. It therefore requested UC to prepare a business plan

Defining Product and Marketing Strategy for a Leading Ayurveda Player in Urban and Semi-Urban Market

The client, a highly reputed Ayurveda player, manufacturing classical Ayurvedic medicines, wanted to set up a plant for manufacturing proprietary and patented medicines to protect its leadership position, and to increase its nationwide presence. The client requested UC to assist in the evaluations of

A Review of the Current Receivables Management Policies and Practices for Leading Pharmaceutical Company in India

The company, through acquisitive growth, had successfully integrated various product lines, across divisions to become one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in terms of market share in India. However, the various divisions not only had an uncommon distributor

Identifying Sourcing Opportunities from India for one of the Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

The client is an Indian subsidiary of one of the world?s largest pharmaceutical companies. The subsidiary had been established to identify sourcing opportunities from India in line with the pharmaceutical company?s global sourcing strategy. With a view to establishing India as a sourcing base

Opportunities to Explore in the Monoclonal Antibody Development Market in India

The client has established a stable position in a niche segment of the Indian pharmaceutical industry and is considering entering a similar niche segment in biotechnology. The client required this assignment

Defining a Strategy to Increase the Adoption of Products in the Medical Technology Space

The client is a global leader in medical technology with a presence in more than 120 countries across the globe. The client requested UC to develop a business strategy to increase the adoption of their products by influencing the policies and procedures of Government reimbursement agencies (railways, defense, ESIS and CGHS) and voluntary health insurers

Defining a Remuneration Strategy for the Carrying and Forwarding Agents of one of Indias Largest Pharma Companies

The top management at the contract development and manufacturing arm of a pharmaceutical and healthcare company believed that the carrying and forwarding agent (CFA) remuneration policies, defined a few years ago needed to be aligned with the current business context and linked to the performance of the CFA. The current monthly remuneration of individual CFAs evolved based on annual negotiations and not on performance. There was a high variance

Organisation Review for a Manufacturer of Formulations

The client was recently acquired and there were frequent changes in management resulting in employees being apprehensive about the future. The company was a hierarchical organisation characterised by too many managers to evaluate field operations. There were functional ?silos? resulting in an absence of integrity between product management and medical representatives

Market Assessment on Collecting and Processing Nucliec Acid Samples in the Molecular Diagnostics Market of India

The client was involved in developing advanced molecular diagnostic products that would bring fast, accurate and low-cost diagnostics to a range of critical medical and scientific applications. The company was developing a low cost instrument for real time polymerase chain reactions (PCR). It believed that India would be one of the countries with real market potential