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Defining a Marketing Strategy for a Leading Player Offering Authentic Ayurvedic Medicines and Treatments to Patients from all over India and Abroad

The client, a charitable institution, manufactured authentic classical Ayurvedic medicines. The market for Ayurveda is segmented into two main categories i.e. classical and proprietary, and patented. The client was a household name in the south of India and accounted for more than 50% of the classical Ayurvedic market

Conducting a Perception Study for a Large Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

A leading Japanese pharmaceutical player has a JV company in India since 1969. This company was evaluating launching its cardiology and anti-diabetic range of products in India, which would be sourced from countries like Germany, Brazil, Japan or China, and distributed by the JV Company

Market Assessment for the Therapeutic Neurotoxin Business in India for a Global Market Leader

A global pharma company, a market leader in neurotoxins, believes that India is a relatively untapped opportunity. India also presents a challenge for the client due to the absence of public funding and a lack of adequate healthcare infrastructure. The client sought the assistance of UC

Business Plan for a Leading Business Group to Foray into the Pharmaceutical Generics Sector

The client is a part of a leading business group with interests in IT software and hardware. The client has expressed interest to enter the pharmaceutical generics segment as a part of its diversification strategy. The pharmaceutical sector is undergoing a major change with the introduction of product patents in India, a growing use of generics globally and a large scale consolidation. The client has inadequate experience in the pharmaceutical sector to start a Greenfield project. Additionally,

Developing an Entry Strategy for a Hearing Aid Clinic in India

The client, a leading hearing aid clinic was looking at expanding its international presence and was evaluating a few countries for a possible entry. The client requested UC to develop an entry strategy for an understanding of the Indian market in terms of share of market size, product profile, price points and trends, distribution network, locations and potential entry options

Conduct a Diagnostic Review of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Instrumentation in India

The client was involved in developing advanced molecular diagnostic products that would bring fast, accurate and low cost diagnostics to a range of critical medical and scientific applications. The company was developing a very low cost instrument for real time polymerase chain reactions (PCR)

Indian Market Assessment for an Antipsychotic Drug

The client was evaluating launching its antipsychotic drug in India. They requested UC to assist them in understanding the market for their antipsychotic drug in India

Developing the Growth Strategy for the Ophthalmic Business in India

The client, an international company was into specialty glass and ceramics, making components for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. The Indian business of its ophthalmic division was observing slow growth in the recent years and it requested UC to develop a strategy to accelerate the same

Developing a Market Access and Pricing Strategy for Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer in India

The client was a global pharmaceutical company that had developed a novel metastatic breast cancer drug for which the client was interested in understanding the emerging market opportunity. The client requested UC to determine the market access

Converting Indias Growth into Better Healthcare: Financing Reform Options

The client is a US based association representing leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies with a mission to conduct effective advocacy of public policies for patient benefits. The client wanted to initiate a dialogue with the Indian government to