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Transforming and Institutionalising Carrying and Forwarding Agents Operations for a Large Pharmaceutical Company

The company is one of India's largest pharmaceuticals company providing innovative healthcare solutions to address prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It manages the distribution of its products through a network of 26 carrying and forwarding agents (CFAs) across the country. The top management is aware of the performance and service related

Conceptualising a Healthcare Portal for a Pharmaceutical Company

The client was setting up a company with partners in the medical informatics business from UK and New Zealand. The company intended to set up a healthcare portal and a health care network service. The portal was to contain content such as electronic health records, patient management, clinical services, drug dictionaries etc

Due Diligence of the Indian market for a Global Client Interested in Launching a Psychotropic Drug

The client is a global giant in FMCG products with presence in pharmaceutical products as well. The client (a global leader in the concerned product segment) had received a proposal from the category leader in India to launch its psychotropic drug brand in partnership

Transforming Sales Human Resources

The client is an Indian pharmaceutical multinational. The senior management at the client company believed that 70 percent of sales human resources (HR) time was spent on operational activities which resulted in a lack of focus on adding any significant value to the function

Maximising Channel Productivity in Semi-Urban and Rural Areas

One of the largest, Indian pharmaceutical companies was following a strategy of acquisition led growth, which resulted in an uncommon and overpopulated distributor base with varying credit policies being followed across divisions. This resulted in an increase in the company?s cost to serve its distributors and unhappy distributors due to loss of market share and limited market reach of the company across its seven divisions