Logistics Consulting

India is emerging as a global manufacturing hub, for automobiles / automotive components; further the change in demographic profile is creating a retail boom. These drivers have made the logistics sector poised for further growth.

During the course of our assignments, we have had the opportunity to analyse business segments in the logistics landscape that is based on a mapping between value chain components and different cargo types.

We have experience in conducting engagements for logistics service providers, logistic users and investor community.

The course of conducting these engagements we have built experience across different cargo types, domestic and EXIM transportation and warehousing services

Practice Areas

  • UC has been approached by clients to define the entry and growth strategy in the warehousing and infrastructure space of Logistics. 
  • The Ministry of Railways intended to seek information and identify business interests that would help in the selection of location and development of the MMLPs (Multi-Modal Logistics Parks). The ministry expected assistance with choosing a preferred location for setting up MMLP, the size/area of the land required and various activities likely to be performed in the MMLP. UC analysed the demand supply situation for the CFS/ ICDs in conjunction with container traffic growth in key routes. We then analysed the strategic port locations/ industry clusters and the likelihood of container trade developing at these ports/clusters. We projected future trade-flow at each of the container ports and also hinterland flows. We then concluded on the locations to set-up an MMLP and defined the size/ area of the land required and various activities that can be performed
  • A company had a significant land bank and was evaluating leveraging the same into the warehousing space. UC assisted the company in determining demand and supply clusters for various warehousing related commodities, assessing customer needs and key success factors for warehousing and assessing the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) model
  • Our client, a global agri-commodity trading company, was evaluating entry into the following areas and wanted to understand the economics for the same: Dedicated jetty (owned/ leased), port based dry bulk warehousing and tank farms, all for both captive and third party. We conducted a review of all the logistics operations of agri-commodities focused around dry bulk berth, dry bulk warehousing, and tank farms. We then identified improvement opportunities and a logistic model to be adopted. For dry bulk berths, we evaluated various ports on the east and west coast of India for economic feasibility, e.g. inland freight, ocean freight, load rates, warehouse availability at port, handling costs, demurrage, dispatch money, load rate incentives etc. and we concluded on the most suitable locations and strategic options. For dry bulk warehouses, we evaluated the demand supply gap in the locations, the utilisation of warehouses based on captive and third party cargo, and the resulting economics of owning a warehouse infrastructure. For tank farms, we determined the ports at which demand-supply dynamics will make the tank farm a strategic asset. We then determined the financial attractiveness of owning a tank farm facility.

  • Logistics is a highly fragmented and competitive sector. Clients from the transportation and warehousing space have approached UC to define entry and growth strategies.
  • In addition to strategy, UC has experience in assessing and optimising transportation logistics for a range of end user companies. UC has experience in LTL (less than truck load) and FTL (full truck load) optimisation, container optimisation, pallet optimisation, outsourcing to 3PL/ 4PL logistics firms, etc. Further UC has experience in conducting location selection for warehouses/ Container Freight Station (CFS)/Inland Container Depot (ICD) and warehouse network optimisation for a range of end user industries

Case examples of our work

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