Operations Consulting

UC assists its clients to improve its operational performance, profitability and its position in the market. We enhance the efficiency and flexibility within our clients' operations and design such business strategies that help them in saving their millions of rupees. Our strategies are practical and easily implementable and we play a large role in executing them.

Our operations capabilities include Supply Chain Strategy, Strategic Cost Management, Program Management and Post Acquisitions & 100 Day Plans.

Practice Areas

  • One of the key concerns of top management across industries is the quality of implementation of strategic initiatives. There is often a large implementation yield loss due to three critical factors: failure to translate the strategy into action, failure to adapt the strategy and failure to sustain change
  • We help our clients drive business transformation by converting strategic thought into action through efficient program management. A Traffic Light System is used to program manage strategy work streams and track strategic initiatives, with each project assigned a status based on its level of completion. Projects are subject to intense review cycles to monitor progress and highlight any deviations. By ensuring regular client involvement, UC is able to effectively assist clients execute the strategic initiatives
  • Created a project management system for a film distribution company by studying future project plans, and creating a project management template that included detailed tasks, timelines and responsibilities, and conducted a training program for the project team to manage the template
  • Defined a blueprint of systems, procedures and organisational arrangements for a software company by creating standard operating procedures for managing and executing projects. We also streamlined and documented the project management systems and defined the key milestones for project execution and developed templates for various marketing, execution and administrative functions
  • Undertook a branch rollout for an interior infrastructure products manufacturing company by defining a pre-implementation requisite list (consisting of organisation structure, IT systems, data collection, training and forms) and an implementation work plan, and launching the implementation and change management process by conducting workshops at the branches.

  • A majority of acquisitions and alliances fail because of poor planning for integration between the two entities. UC\'s post-acquisitions service assesses the variance between the strategies, people, processes and culture of the two organisations and develops a risk mitigation strategy to ensure that time bound integration occurs. UC has undertaken a number of implementation projects using a 100-day planning approach. We believe that the first 100 days creates the momentum required for successful implementation.
  • The 100-day plan capability can be utilised in a number of situations:
    • Post definition of strategy to drive the implementation of strategic initiatives
    • Post-acquisition to ensure that a fast start is made towards the implementation of the Investment Thesis and that momentum is sustained
  • Turnaround, to enable the process of rapidly identifying and implementing the required strategic and operational initiatives
  • UC has conducted a review of the compensation structure for a multinational bank as part of a post-merger integration exercise to determine the compensation philosophy in India, the most effective and efficient compensation delivery model and other strategic issues. UC analysed the rationale for the current compensation structure, conducted a benchmarking exercise with local market practices and prevalent practices of the bank\'s group world-wide, and designed the compensation philosophy and obtained buy-in and sign-off from key stakeholders.

  • Controlling costs and improving cost structure is critical for most businesses. Our strategic cost management practice adopts a process view of your business, as opposed to a functional view, allowing us to see the organisation as a whole
  • We work closely with you to identify and analyse each business process and target improvements that can be made by bringing short and long term cost structure improvements
  • UC defined a material movement path to minimize TAT (turnaround time) and facilitated systematic storage and stacking, created a process flow for directing vehicle traffic through the plant, and developed a financial model to quantify the benefits resulting from savings in manpower and reduction in handling wastage for one of India\'s largest spirit makers
  • We also conducted a freight cost optimisation study for a leading player in the tiles industry by identifying and implementing cost optimisation opportunities across import, inbound and outbound costs and defining a process to reduce in-transit breakages that resulted in savings with a bottom line impact of 15%
  • Optimised costs across the supply chain for a glass container manufacturer by reducing costs across materials (raw material, packing material, engineering spares and accessories), logistics (inbound and outbound), and energy (power and fuel) through an action plan for cost optimisation
  • Assessed opportunities for cost reduction and profitability enhancement of a Jordanian pharmaceutical company.

  • UC\'s supply chain strategy helps in reducing the cost and increasing the revenue effectively. We customise our method to each client, situation and vertical, using our supply chain understanding developed through our experience. We develop and execute strategies to transform your supply chain performance by integrating and improving the end-to-end process that involves planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution
  • Defined a remuneration strategy for the Carrying and Forwarding Agents (CFA) of one of India\'s largest pharmaceutical companies by defining the remuneration incentive system philosophy, incentive payment mechanism and rationale for gain/ loss in remuneration for each CFA aligned to performance level
  • Reviewed the inventory management for a leading carbon black manufacturer by identifying all the slow and non-moving items, defining parameters to establish inventory norms - stocking norms, safety levels, reorder levels, economic order quantity, and order points, and listing and prioritising implementation initiatives such as tasks, responsibility and indicative time frames.

  • UC’s Process Design Practice helps clients manage their business processes better in order to reduce costs, increase agility and improve performance
  • We build and re-design processes that are scalable and place a robust governance framework and audit process to monitor its compliance
  • We work in a collaborative manner which ensures that the process redesign performed within the organization is completely bought in and implemented
  • Our team leverages industry reference models, industry benchmarks & practices and operating models. We focus on knowledge transfer to enable continuous improvement, bringing about the change that will be needed to sustain the redesigned processes in the company.