Operations Execution

UC helps companies improve operational performance and profitability by achieving the efficiency, speed and flexibility required in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. By assisting organisations and operations with business strategies, and helping them to execute these strategies, we deliver bottom-line results quickly and help our clients save millions of rupees through enhanced efficiency.

UC has broad expertise and experience in operations consulting helping organisations and creating value by adapting to fast-moving, changing business conditions. Operations and supply chain management are key strategic levers for organisations to improve their effectiveness, with a tremendous impact on customers, competitive differentiation and shareholder value. The most dynamic and successful organisations continually adapt to improve their effectiveness by shifting plans and finding new ways to grow and improve their capabilities.

Our operations capabilities include strategic cost management, sales force effectiveness, program management and systems review.

operations consulting


Execution Benefits

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Process cycle time ↓ by ~20-40%
    • Forecasting accuracy ↑ from ~45-50% to ~65-70%
    • Order Fulfilment Process ↓ TAT by ~20%
  • Transformation to World Class
    • ↑ in E-Payments from 20% to 60% of payments
    • Ad-hoc payment shifted to fixed weekly payment by 50%
    • Payment terms ↓ from 50+ to ~10 std ones
    • 80% of Indirect spend transactions moved to P-Cards
  • Cost Reduction
    • Transportation cost ↓ by ~20% due to stuffing norms
    • Safety stock ↓ by ~40%
    • Savings of ~6% of cost base due to indirect spend optimisation
  • Working Capital Improvement
    • Overdues ↓ by ~10-12% and another by 5% due to KPI measures and automated mechanisms
    • Overdues also ↓ by ~8% by implementing Creditor’s Management Process
    • DSO ↓ by ~25%
    • ↓ in Inventory by 16%
    • ↑ in sales accrual from 50% to 100% of billing amount


Case Examples

To learn more about how we help clients in operations execution, refer to these additional insights and case examples:
  • Improvement of organisation wide 16 processes with a focus on manufacturing and multi-facility supply chain alignment
  • Profitability improvement for an aluminum die cast manufacturer with a focus on cost of materials consumption
  • Central planning function and implementing the changes to improve the On-Time-In-Full performance for a leading glass manufacturing company
  • Operations cost reduction and standard operating procedures for a large diversified industrial products company
  • Direct and indirect cost reduction in supply chain and manufacturing overheads
  • Business process management, embodying the principles of lean management on taxation processes for a global biotech major
  • Assistance to a large Indian pharmaceutical player in addressing the challenges and issues and providing recommendations to improve On-Time-In-Full
  • Remuneration strategy for carrying and forwarding agents of one of India's largest pharma companies
  • Assistance in accelerating and improving sales performance
  • Designing processes and HR policies for a leading watch retailing company
  • Cost optimisation opportunities for an Indian diversified consumer goods company
  • De bottlenecking and improvement in operational efficiencies for material handling and storage systems at India’s largest distillery of India’s second largest spirits maker
  • Freight costs optimisation for a leading player in the Indian tiles industry
  • Review for improving manufacturing productivity crop protection and industrial chemicals manufacturing company
  • Evaluating the option of designing an integrated supply chain across business units for a chemical manufacturing company in India
  • Supply chain optimisation strategy for a company engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of agricultural and speciality chemical products globally
  • Evaluating business opportunities in the power generation business
  • Review of the current construction management model and assessment of the levers of profitability to determine potential cost improvements and operating models moving forward
  • Review of the inventory levels in the made to order environment
  • Designing a process framework for a leading supply chain player in India and benchmarking process parameters across major Indian supply chain players
  • Review for improving manufacturing productivity crop protection and industrial chemicals manufacturing company
  • Assisting a large, international container terminal manager in the takeover of an Indian container terminal operator
  • Professionalising operations for a leading container terminal in the Middle-East