Operations Consulting


Driving Sales Growth and Profitability for a Leading Biotechnology Research Based Agro Inputs Company

The client, a leading biotech research based agro inputs company engaged UC to develop a growth strategy across its business divisions

Driving Sales and Profitability for a Domestic Agro Formulation Business

The top management at the domestic agro formulations division of a leading agrochemicals manufacturer in India felt that the organisation lacked a marketing outlook and that an opportunity to improve sales and profitability existed if initiatives could be taken in areas of distribution, marketing and promotion, and product portfolio management

Maximising Channel Productivity in Semi-Urban and Rural Areas

One of the largest, Indian pharmaceutical companies was following a strategy of acquisition led growth, which resulted in an uncommon and overpopulated distributor base with varying credit policies being followed across divisions. This resulted in an increase in the company?s cost to serve its distributors and unhappy distributors due to loss of market share and limited market reach of the company across its seven divisions

Defining a Growth Strategy for a Leading Automotive Castings Company

The client belonged to one of the largest industrial houses in India which had diversified into manufacturing castings and had two manufacturing plants located in Maharashtra. The client was evaluating opportunities for growth in the castings space and requested assistance from UC in defining a growth strategy in the casting space considering a number of aspects. The opportunity assessment had to be done across metal types, application industries and weight categories

Strategy to Increase the Organisational Effectiveness and Define HR Policies for an Auto-Components Group

The organisation was facing a number of issues across various aspects of its organisation design. It had a tense work culture and poor communication and teamwork. Its appraisal systems were characterised by ambiguity and poor transparency. It had unclear career growth paths and inadequate growth for performers. There were no reward systems and no clearly defined HR policies

Identifying Sourcing Opportunities from India for one of the Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

The client is an Indian subsidiary of one of the world?s largest pharmaceutical companies. The subsidiary had been established to identify sourcing opportunities from India in line with the pharmaceutical company?s global sourcing strategy. With a view to establishing India as a sourcing base

Creating an IT Strategy for a Pharmaceutical Company

The client did not have a knowledge-based information system, e.g. doctor database, scientific/ technical database. The client did not have systems to manage key activities like new product development, clinical trials and research, or systems to facilitate communication with the field force. The existing ?transaction oriented systems? were not catering to top management information requirements

Defining a Remuneration Strategy for the Carrying and Forwarding Agents of one of Indias Largest Pharma Companies

The top management at the contract development and manufacturing arm of a pharmaceutical and healthcare company believed that the carrying and forwarding agent (CFA) remuneration policies, defined a few years ago needed to be aligned with the current business context and linked to the performance of the CFA. The current monthly remuneration of individual CFAs evolved based on annual negotiations and not on performance. There was a high variance

Transforming and Institutionalising Carrying and Forwarding Agents Operations for a Large Pharmaceutical Company

The company is one of India's largest pharmaceuticals company providing innovative healthcare solutions to address prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It manages the distribution of its products through a network of 26 carrying and forwarding agents (CFAs) across the country. The top management is aware of the performance and service related

A Review of the Current Receivables Management Policies and Practices for Leading Pharmaceutical Company in India

The company, through acquisitive growth, had successfully integrated various product lines, across divisions to become one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in terms of market share in India. However, the various divisions not only had an uncommon distributor