Organisation Consulting

UC combines rigorous analytical abilities, best practices and pragmatic approaches to develop custom solutions to improve organisation design and track employee performances across divisions. UC brings extensive experience in delivering complex organisational projects with company-wide implications across a wide range of industries.

We focus our projects to help initiate the required organisational changes that drive efficiency and align the organisation to its strategy. We bring robust, tested program and change management capabilities to help our clients implement the right solutions while helping their people adjust and improve performance.

Practice Areas

  • Our experience in helping our clients to manage their organisation structures has shown that companies face a number of problems related to their management of personnel, development, timing and planning. This leads to sub-optimal realisation of its goals. We have been helping our clients manage these challenges by effectively infusing our strategy expertise into our recommendations, balanced with our understanding of growth pangs of organisations. Our approach helps clients prioritise the currently felt structural issues, address them quickly and create necessary foundations for building a structure for tomorrow
  • UC aligned the organisation to the vision statement for a needle roller bearing manufacturing company. The client wanted to address their current processes and design, the structure, and their performance measurement system. UC studied all the business segments and created a strategy map for the company. UC understood the processes that needed to be redesigned, developed standard operating procedures for certain processes, defined the organisation structure, and prepared job profiles for each designation. UC also developed a vision scorecard for the client
  • UC developed a competency framework (generic competencies, technical knowledge and skill sets) for the flagship port of a large global port operator. UC understood the roles across the organisation, defined and mapped competencies and skill sets, analysed all the job activities and then based on this and additional research, made the framework for the client.

  • As competitive forces churn industries, organisations are forced to constantly update their internal capabilities. Ensuring the right set of capabilities get built within the organisation is a crucial strategic decision. UC helps clients setup key initiatives for developing capabilities, including process, organisation and infrastructure changes.
  • UC identifies the capability gap through internal diagnostics and external benchmarking, isolates the capabilities that are critical to achieve the strategic vision of the organisation and highlights key initiatives to develop them. In close consultation with our clients, we rank the key initiatives based on ease of execution and financial benefit. We implement a 100 Day Plan Methodology to meticulously execute strategy and build client team capabilities
  • Undertook a 17-month effort to re-engineer all the functions, such as marketing, services, distribution, human resource development, finance and administration of a telecom company. We defined the company's vision, mission and core values, restructured the organisation around business processes, created detailed job descriptions for each position in the organisation structure, and ran a pilot program to ensure smooth implementation
  • UC conducted an organisational restructuring engagement for an Information Technology Training Company to remove inconsistent conduct of organisational functions and structural ambiguity, and provide a standardised performance evaluation system and a strong information system backbone to manage the information and knowledge assets of the company
  • We also conducted an organisation review and alignment engagement for a large film distribution company in India by realigning the organisation through a detailed implementation plan including the HR policy manual, a performance evaluation system and the IT blueprint to improve its growth and sustainability.

  • One of the key concerns of top management across industries is the quality of implementation of strategic initiatives. There is often a large implementation yield loss due to three critical factors - failure to translate the strategy into action, failure to adapt the strategy and failure to sustain change
  • We help our clients drive business transformation by converting strategic thought into action through efficient program management. A Traffic Light System is used to program manage strategy work streams and track strategic initiatives, with each project assigned a status based on its level of completion. Projects are subject to intense review cycles to monitor progress and highlight any deviations. By ensuring regular client involvement,UC is able to effectively assist clients execute the strategic initiatives.
  • UC created a project management system for a film distribution company by studying future project plans, and creating a project management template that included detailed tasks, timelines and responsibilities, and conducted a training program for the project team to manage the template
  • Defined a blueprint of systems, procedures and organisational arrangements for a software company by creating standard operating procedures for managing and executing projects, and streamlined and documented the project management systems and defined the key milestones for project execution, and developed templates for various marketing, execution and administrative functions
  • Undertook a branch rollout for an interior infrastructure products manufacturing company by defining a pre-implementation requisite list (consisting of organisation structure, IT systems, data collection, training and forms) and an implementation work plan, and launching the implementation and change management process by conducting workshops at the branches.