Professional Development

We hire people from diverse backgrounds and we are committed to their success. Our commitment to the success of our consultants drives our Professional Development Programs.

Consultants at UC work hard, constantly seek innovative solutions to clients' challenges and invest significant time in learning. Our aim is to instill in our consultants the confidence and courage to take on, and excel in professional challenges.

All new consultants go through the Professional Development Program (PD Program). The PD Program explains our philosophy and prepares consultants for the tough challenges ahead.

The PD Program simulates a live consulting environment so that new candidates get a feel for the profession of consulting. Through case studies, simulated assignments and functional training sessions, new consultants acclimatise themselves with nuances of the profession. The program is a great introduction to UC. The PD Program also pushes consultants to the limit by stressing great demands on their intellectual, physical and emotional stamina.

At the end of the PD Program each consultant's performance is assessed on pre-determined parameters and feedback on strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement are communicated.

This training revolves around multiple themes including engagement management, client management, methodologies, engagement reviews and critique, and presentation skills to name a few.

In addition to training, UC also encourages consultants to pursue a reading program designed to get consultants up to speed on the latest management thinking. The first work hour of the day is designated as the Knowledge Hour during which people are encouraged to engage in knowledge acquisition by reading business books and journals.

Training is a serious commitment at UC. We invest heavily in training to ensure the success of our consultants. Training is a continuous activity designed to prepare professionals and office staff for the daily rigours of the profession.

Consultants are also evaluated by their seniors / project managers and peers and they, in turn, evaluate their seniors and peers. Thus, a clear and transparent feedback is a must while working in UC.