Senior Consultant

In exceptional cases, those with a Masters degree and over 5 - 6 years of work experience may be directly offered a position of Senior Consultant at the Firm. In most cases, however, Associate Consultants, after 3 - 4 years, or Consultants after having spent 1 - 2 years in the role, mature into becoming Senior Consultants.

Senior Consultants play an active role in all aspects of an engagement including structuring of client issues, planning, conducting interviews, brainstorming solutions and presenting results of work to clients. They provide thought leadership and analyse efforts, work closely with clients and communicate the progress of engagements to their senior colleagues at the Firm.

Senior Consultants drive successful completion of client engagements, ensure a high quality of service, and demonstrate an advanced development of technical and analytical skills. They report directly to the engagement manager or in some cases lead engagements themselves, and develop capabilities of the consultants on the team. Senior Consultants are also expected to play an important role in firm development activities, especially in the area of training.