Service Firms Consulting

The business services sector has been booming locally as well as globally. There are many opportunities given to the new entrants within this sector, due to the change in technology and consolidation taking place.

UC assists the business service providers to grab the opportunities and develop innovative business models for a better position in the market. The sector is broad, including professional services, education and training and outsourcing. UC uses its industry experience as well as technical expertise to provide the client a competitive advantage and develop a winning strategy for the company.

Practice Areas

  • With the rapid increase in the value of sports rights worldwide, Sports Organisations and Commercial Entities have approached UC to maximise the value of their rights through strategic insights in business development and marketing
  • UC provided assistance to an international telecommunication player in understanding the market of sports viewers in India. It also provided a negotiation strategy to determine the value maximising path for the client from other networks 
  • UC has provided a feasibility study to determine the manufacturing of a sports car in India. The client was assisted in understanding the product attributes and the strategic intent of the product. UC assessed the manufacturing feasibility and projected broad level financials and made the decision of \'Go or No Go\' for the client.

  • For over a decade, mobile communications with its phenomenal growth has arguably been the poster child of Indian telecommunications. The gains, however, have come with significant pains. Mobile operators are reeling from huge debt, low revenue per subscriber, and policy uncertainty. However, in the process, operators have built an infrastructure that can be effectively leveraged and optimised to see them through to a healthy state
  • The telecommunications equipment vendors have not been left unscathed either. They have to deal with extremely cost conscious buyers, intense competition, and policies intended to protect the network that in turn hinder sales and disrupt expansion plans of the operators.
  • UC have engaged with clients across a broad spectrum of telecommunications segments, including equipment manufacturers, mobile tower companies, operators, ISPs, and Cable/TV distribution networks. We have partnered with our clients to assess new opportunities, reorganise to improve efficiency, craft growth strategies, and conduct due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.
  • For example, a leading fibre optic and metallic cable manufacturer decided to acquire an Indian manufacturer of telecom cable in order to gain a lower cost manufacturing base and to benefit from the growth of optic fibre cable demand in emerging markets. The client had already signed a memorandum of understanding with the target and requested UC to conduct a strategic diligence study of the target to support its acquisition. UC delivered a realistic assessment of the Indian market and the target company's position. We identified assumptions, key risks in the target managements' growth plan and the potential upsides for the target company. We also gave the client inputs on some operational aspects post acquisition
  • UC developed a strategic plan for a leading telecom company that enabled it to focus on growing industry segments based on its existing and future capabilities. We conducted a detailed assessment of the state of the telecom industry and its future direction. We analysed the market forces impacting each of the segments our client operated in, and assessed our clients ability to compete in them. We recommended a 40% reduction in the portfolio of products and services, which was immediately implemented and results seen soon thereafter
  • UC conducted a strategic due diligence of a telecom cable manufacturing unit in India that was being acquired by our European client. We analysed trends in key customer segments, studied the competitive landscape and the target company's position, identified key risks and potential upsides in the target management's assumptions, and accordingly validated the target company's revenue and margin projections.

  • The media and entertainment sector is in transition and dealing with a host of issues. Television saw the implementation of the advertising cap and significant progress in seeding of set top boxes, which set the stage of revenue growth and expansion in genres. The film sector continued to mature on the back of the multiplex expansion and a wide variety of content, while the radio and print continue to defy global trends and await positive regulatory intervention that will take these sectors to greater heights
  • Digitisation of cable saw the progress of television industry moving in the right direction, with the mandatory Digital Access System (DAS) roll-out almost complete in Phase II cities. Consequently, carriage fees saw an overall reduction of 15-20%.
  • UC has helped clients in various sub sectors of the industry ranging from Movies, TV, Advertisement and PR. The work spans Growth & Entry Strategies, Program Management and Organisation Structuring related work
  • For example, a renowned film production house in the Bollywood Film industry, with its own post production studio, was not satisfied with the stagnant revenue and believed that the studio business has potential to grow. UC recommended new services to be offered and marketing initiatives to tap the key decision makers. UC also built revenue and payback scenarios based on studio utilisation factor for the client.

  • Services that contribute highest to the GDP of India are also those which contribute substantially to building globally tradeable talent. It must be realised that the country's long term economic growth in the services sector is dependent on a vibrant industrial sector. The services economy should view the industrial economy as its companion in growth. Today, the services sector has begun to realise it
  • Our work with some of the fast growing service firms in India has indicated that it is not the search of talent but it is productivity of that talent and the need for scale that worry the leaders of the most. We have helped both product led service firms such as software and practice led service firms such as legal, public relations and advertising/ media to build its firms for faster scale at attractive firm economics.
  • Our unique approach allows the firm to harness the latent capabilities that the firm has. It balances the needs of the talent in the firm with the aspirations and compulsions of its owners. The link between professional needs of the constituents of the firms and firm economics is the critical one and our approach has helped our clients recognise it
  • UC has formed a growth strategy for a security products group of a large software product company in India. The company's products were facing poor mindshare among customers and low contribution partners to the security sales. UC diagnosed the problems that the firm was facing and recommended a suitable growth strategy in India
  • Conducted an organisation review for a software company that had no clear vision or business strategy, processes or operations. UC defined the vision and values by involving all employees, created various strategic initiatives and redesigned processes. UC also defined and implemented evaluation and reward systems and executed 30 % of the process initiatives, with another 50 % in progress by the time the engagement was done
  • Conducted an organisation alignment for a public relations firm where revenues were stagnating despite the industry growing at 44% per annum in India. The top management believed that this was due to the top managements time being devoted more to billable activities as opposed to business and firm development, and inefficient use of IT along with other problems. UC diagnosed the issues, designed solutions for them and implemented the organisation alignment initiatives for the firm.

  • Education institutions and companies approach UC to develop strategies to deal with the changes in the market and to understand growth opportunities in different sectors and geographies. The emerging environment in India has created immense opportunities for institutions to realign their position
  • UC has assessed India Entry Feasibility in Executive Education for a US based Business School
  • A Business Plan for acquisition of the India Master Franchise for an International Pre-School Activity Center
  • UC has also helped a charitable trust assess the feasibility of setting up an English Medium Secondary/ Higher Secondary School in India. 

  • UC works with the travel service sector and has facilitated organisational transformation through process redesign, implementation and change management within this sector. It has helped corporates with rationalising their travel and hotel expenses through a combination of cost management and travel policy review
  • The client, the world's second largest business travel management company with a presence in over 150 countries, has offices in a number of locations across India. However, the client was faced with the challenge of reconfiguring its global processes to suit the Indian travel industry requirements and its internal strategy. Thus, it requested UC to help with defining strategic processes, standardising/ redesigning them, implementing existing/ redesigned processes across locations and initiating 'Change Management' across locations. The client received redesigned strategic processes and implemented systems such as the MIS, Personal Scorecard and the Quality Control Process across the locations in India.

Case examples of our work

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