Service Firms Consulting


Identifying the Business Options of Divestment for a Telecom Service Company based in Singapore

The client, a leading telecom services company engaged in providing voice based services to telecom and broadcasting companies, was looking for options in divestment due to the following reasons

A Strategic Perspective on a Proposed Joint Venture with a Software Company

The client planned to acquire a 29- 34 percent stake, including management control, in a software company based in the Philippines. The long term objective of our client was to replicate its four pronged business services model i.e. software, engineering services, e-commerce and infrastructure services in the South East Asian region

Preparing a Business Plan for a Petroleum Industry Portals Foray into E-Commerce

The client had developed India?s first vertical portal solely dedicated to the petroleum industry. With its immense knowledge and contacts in India and abroad in the petroleum industry, the client was confident of providing high value services through an online exchange

Defining a Business Strategy to Improve the Company Operations

The company needed a defined business strategy to improve its company operations. The client requested UC to address the following questions

Defining a Business Plan for Indias First Polymer Related Portal

The client had developed India?s first vertical portal solely dedicated to the fast growing polymer industry. Since its launch in November 1999, the site boasted of over 10,000 visitors. The portal attracted visitors from not only India but also Dubai, Germany, USA and South Korea

Creating a Business Plan for the Launch of an Online Exchange Service in India

The client planned to launch an exchange service, based on a software technology that enabled on-line communities to offer their members exchange facilities for buying, selling and trading goods or services. The service in its current form was applicable to the Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) segment for providing a barter exchange service

Selecting an Alliance and Building a Business Strategy for a Publisher of Food Guides

The client?s existing business of publishing food guides (for the cities of Mumbai and Pune) was done in alliance with a media publishing company. The publishing company funded the data collection efforts and the clients? professional fees. However, the efforts put in by the client for the project was not being well compensated for by the alliance partner

Conducting a Feasibility Study for Entering the Middle Eastern Telecom and Information Technology Market

The client, a software company had agreed to work with a leading industrial group in the Middle East for developing and setting up a company in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the purpose of undertaking projects for the telecom and information technology needs of the region

Evaluating the Opportunities for the Growth of the Internet in India for a Software Company

The client, a software company, re-launched its product early in the year. The company received very positive response from its key customer segment of insurance agents. However, due to the rapidly changing regulatory environment in the insurance sector, the top management requested UC to evaluate opportunities that could be exploited in the following areas

Defining a Management Strategy for a Software Company

The client, a software company, lost all the direct contact with its investors due to the compulsory dematerialisation of the shares. The company required to adopt a relationship approach rather than a transaction oriented approach with its investors. Thus, it turned to UC to redefine a management strategy and improve on the following parameters