Strategy Consulting


Defining Entry Strategy in Sugar and Ethanol Space for a Leading Agribusiness Company

The client, a Fortune 500 agri-commodity player with operations across the globe, wanted to enter the Indian sugar and ethanol space. Top Management was seeking answers to key strategic questions such as which business model the company should follow and which part of India the operations should be set up in.

Developing a Marketing Strategy for Drip Irrigation Systems and Treadle Pumps

The client was an NGO that made irrigation affordable for small and marginal farmers by developing and marketing low cost drip irrigation systems and treadle pumps. They used various static and dynamic promotional tools to create awareness for their products. With a view to optimising marketing efforts and costs, the client wanted to understand the tipping point

Assessing Market Potential and Business Model of Banks in Rural India

The client was one of India?s largest international banks having a combined customer base of 2.1 million in retail banking and over 1,000 top corporate relationships. In light of the exponential growth expected in rural financing and given the client?s strong commitment to the Indian market, top management was evaluating entry in semi urban and rural markets

Defining Product and Marketing Strategy for a Leading Ayurveda Player in Urban and Semi-Urban Market

The client, a highly reputed Ayurveda player, manufacturing classical Ayurvedic medicines, wanted to set up a plant for manufacturing proprietary and patented medicines to protect its leadership position, and to increase its nationwide presence. The client requested UC to assist in the evaluations of

Overview of Rice Bran Oil Players in Andhra Pradesh for a Global Giant in the Agri and Food Business

The client, a global giant in the agri and food business, wanted an overview of Rice Bran Oil (RBO) players in Andhra Pradesh, from a potential opportunity to lease/ acquire the unit. The client also wanted to understand the terms for leasing and ...

Feasibility Study for Entering Port Based Palm Oil Refining Business

The client, a leading global agribusiness company, wanted to evaluate entry into port based refining for palm oil in India.

Market Study on the Indian Mutual Fund Industry for a Business Consulting Firm

The client, a business consulting firm, required a thorough study on the Indian mutual funds industry. The objective was to evaluate possible alliance options that could be pursued by a foreign player to enter into the Indian asset management industry

Defining an Entry Strategy into India, and a Marketing Strategy for an International Manufacturer of Health Supplement Products

The client, a leading global packaging company is looking at offering innovative and value added packaging solutions to the four product segments (Liquid milk, fruit based beverages, packaged drinking water and carbonated soft drinks (CSD)) of the beverage industry. The top management believes that entry into India will be driven either by partnering with or by acquiring a packaging material supplier/ s to the major brands

Identifying Niche Opportunities for a Leading Indian Automotive OEM in the Earthmoving Equipment Space

The client, a leading Indian Automotive OEM, believed that there were potentially many earthmoving applications across different types of projects for which either proper equipment were not available or not being used due to various reasons. There existed a potential to tap these niche opportunities and the client engaged UC to identify the potential for niche earthmoving equipment based on a detailed application study

Defining the Corporate Strategy of a Leading Auto Ancillary Company

The client is a large auto component supplier having presence in eight product categories mainly supplying to two wheeler segment; management was looking for realigning its capabilities and businesses for future growth. The client had a presence across both, the price pressured and high tech product categories