A Diagnostic Review to Identify Opportunities to Increase the Top and Bottom Lines for a Niche Pharmaceutical Company

Medical Devices Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a niche pharmaceutical company had limited growth in a high growth therapeutic segment. It wanted to define the strategy for two key products in the domestic market. In addition to that, the client wanted to address its profitability by entering the high realisation exports market and by improving its cost structure.

Our Approach

To perform a diagnostic review to identify opportunities, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Created a domestic market strategy for two key products
  • Conducted dipstick primary research with hospitals, specialist doctors, and government institutions
  • Understood the line of treatment for all the competing products
  • Understood the existing hindrances for growth – patients’ awareness, doctors’ perception about various products etc.
  • Highlighted issues with the existing process for selecting and entering a new export market and recommended a need to have a structured market assessment process
  • Visited the manufacturing plant and analysed the key operating expenses. Held discussions with plant personnel on potential in the area of material, energy and productivity improvement.

Our Impact

UC Strategy proposed to the client that it could assist in increasing the top line by Rs. 22 crore and the bottom line by Rs. 9 crore in the first year of improvement, by defining a domestic as well as an export strategy for the two products.