A Feasibility Study to Evaluate Entry into the Container Freight Station/Inland Container Depot Space for a Shipping Company

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was amongst the top shipping companies in India. It wanted to hedge its risk in shipping and evaluate entry into the container freight station (CFS)/inland container depot (ICD) space.

Our Approach

To evaluate entry into the CFS and ICD space, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Analysed the demand supply situation for the CFS/ ICDs in conjunction with container traffic growth in key routes
  • Analysed the strategic port locations/ industry clusters and the likelihood of container trade developing at these ports/clusters
  • Profiled key players in the space to gain a perspective on the business models, margins, points of presence and future plans
  • Gained insights into the regulatory aspects and approval mechanism for setting-up CFS/ICD
  • Evaluated potential strategic options for entry into CFS/ ICD space.

Our Impact

The client received the deliverable on the market attractiveness and other details of the CFS/ ICD space. It also obtained a clear understanding about regulations and recommendations on how to enter the space.