Strategic Organisation Review for a Trading Organisation Dealing in International Brands of Analytical Instruments

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client had been dealing in well-known brands of analytical and laboratory instruments in India for more than 30 years. The client company had 13 branch offices across India, with a team strength of about 80 people. It was faced with issues like high dependence on few key personnel and ambiguity in role definition and reporting relationship. The client believed that the organisation has a good opportunity to ride on the anticipated growth of its customer industry in the next 3 years. Therefore, it requested UC Strategy to provide assistance in developing a customer focused organisation structure. The client also implemented a new performance management system in the previous year and requested UC Strategy to review and comment on its adequacy.

Our Approach

Our solution was based on the following business considerations:

  • Planned Strategy (Product Portfolio, Customer Segment Focus, Geographic Focus etc.)
  • Product Characteristics (Skill set required, Industry Application etc.)
  • Process Framework (Existing positions and Primary Responsibility)
  • Organisational dynamics (Current Structure, Reporting Relationships etc.).

We compiled our assessment about the client and its industry by doing the following:

  • Discussing individual roles and responsibilities and issues faced by the organisation with about 80 personnel across all branches
  • Comparing our client and competition on the level and nature of interactions and customer facing processes in discussion with some of the customers
  • Internet search for case studies on structuring of organisations in a similar environment.

We redesigned an optimal organisation structure for the client. Considering the organisation dynamics (existing setup and level of resources), we suggested an interim structure as a migration path to the proposed structure. We prepared the job description, person profile and defined individual key performance indicators for each of the positions defined in the structure. We defined parameters to assess the adequacy of the existing performance management system and suggested to the client to modify the system to make it more implementation easy and effective.

Our Impact

UC Strategy suggested for a customer focused organisation structure and commented on the adequacy of the client’s performance management system.

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