Aligning the Organisation with Strategy for a Fabrication Player

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The company, a manufacturer of Industrial Products, was involved in the fabrication of various machinery viz. textile dyeing machinery, vibratory and centrifugal finishing systems and chemical processing equipment. The company had experienced negative growth in the past few years and was facing difficulty in coping with the market factors. There also existed many employee related issues. To ensure sustainability and growth for the future, the top management sought assistance in:

  • Defining an optimal organisation structure
  • Defining job descriptions and job profiles
  • Streamlining the planning processes and information systems
  • Identifying key product segments to focus on

Our Approach

UC Strategy assessed and made recommendations in the company’s strategy, operations and organisation:

  • Strategy
    • Understood the current strategy of the company and the strategic intent of the top management. Identified tangible and intangible issues affecting the organisation
    • Held discussions (strategic planning meetings) with the top management
    • Analysed markets and products to generate strategic options
    • Conducted external analysis for all application industries to identify the key trends
    • Finalised strategic initiatives and migration paths based on internal capabilities
  • Operations
    • Studied and understood the current flow of information and presented manufacturing processes to assess information requirements
    • Conducted an audit of the current system to identify the functionality fit based on the recommended application architecture
    • Initiated daily plant meetings for coordination amongst various departments in the organisation and a faster order delivery
    • Developed a production planning system based on project management and a spreadsheet software which included, master production schedules, BOMs and production plans
  • Organisation
    • Identified and analysed key issues with respect to:
    • The current organisation structure
    • Process issues impacting the organisation
    • Recommended the organisation structure appropriate for the company and outlined the transition phases the company would have to undergo in adopting the recommended structure
    • Prepared detailed job descriptions, people profiles, and key performance measures for each position and process-owner matrix
    • Defined and documented personnel and administration policy binders



Our Impact


UC Strategy defined a strategic road map and a capability building agenda outlining internal capabilities, a restructured organisation map and a set of redefined processes aligned with a defined growth strategy.

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