Aligning the Organisation to its Vision Statement for a Leading Roller Bearing Company

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a leading needle roller bearing manufacturing company that was looking at aligning its operations to achieve its vision of becoming a billion-dollar company by 2020. The top management engaged UC Strategy to address the following:

  • Whether the current processes were designed to help achieve the vision
  • Whether the organisation was structured in a fashion that would enable them to achieve their vision
  • Whether the current performance measurement system attracted and retained the right talent

Our Approach

To deliver suggestions on how the company can align its operations, UC Strategy took the following steps:

  • Understood the needs for the organisation
  • Understood current processes and identified those for redesign
  • Developed recommendations for redesigning the processes
  • Developed standard operating procedures for processes where necessary
  • Defined detailed organisation structure at the corporate and at the plant level
  • Prepared KPI/KRA and job profiles for each designation
  • Developed a vision scorecard for the organisation.

Our Impact

The client received recommendations for aligning the organisation with its stated strategy.

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