An Operational Review for a Colour Tinting Machines Manufacturing Company

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Client Challenge

The client company’s service business lacked clearly defined visions, values and a documented business strategy. There was a lack of defined and documented operating procedures for the following key business processes:

  • Provide Service
  • Spares Management
  • Manage Knowledge
  • Manage Customer Satisfaction

The client company also did not have a clearly defined organisation structure and human resource manual. There were inadequate information systems.

Our Approach

UC Strategy prepared a blueprint for the growth of the service business, with the steps as below:

  • Assisted the top management in developing the company’s visions and values
  • Documented the current business strategy
  • Designed and documented the following key business processes in the form of operating manuals
    • Provide Service – Cost effective communication network using the value added service of single response paging network
    • Spares Management – Mobile office concept with minimal overheads and effective delivery network using consignment agent concept
    • Manage Knowledge – A database on customer complaints, repairs, client management
    • Manage Customer Satisfaction – Client relations by continuous customer feedback, the client meets etc.
    • Designed an organisation structure with functional focus
  • Designed and documented a detailed human resource manual that included a detailed process owners map, job descriptions, performance evaluation systems and other personnel-related policies and procedures (leave, travel etc.)
  • Designed a web-based information technology plan
    • Defined the functionality requirements for the service software
    • Recommended Web-based communication network for data transmission
    • Initiated discussions with potential vendors

Our Impact

The client received the above plans and designs that were formulated to solve its problems

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