Assessing the Evolution of the Mobility and Transport Needs of an Emerging Economic Hub/Location

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was in the business of delivering products and solutions for the commercial vehicle segment. Increasing road connectivity was expected to spur economic activity in locations/ zones and this would lead to increased transportation needs in such locations. The client wanted to understand the evolution of commercial vehicle (both cargo and passenger) needs of such emerging locations. The client requested UC Strategy to assist in providing insights on the evolution of mobility and transport needs of such locations.

Our Approach

UC Strategy carried out a pilot study in a carefully chosen representative emerging hub and studied the location’s needs in the following way:

  • Assessed the evolution of economic activity by understanding the evolution of the industry mix, road network and real estate development
  • Analysed the mobility needs resulting from economic activity, in terms of travel distribution, travel volumes, travel mode choices for passenger and cargo movement
  • Plotted the evolution of the vehicle mix of the location across its growth stages and assessed the impact of local issues
  • Identified the transport related service opportunities in the location.

Our Impact

The client obtained a realistic assessment of user behavior in terms of mobility needs and transport choices across income classes. UC Strategy also identified potential business models around transport solutions for the local area and quantitative inputs in terms of existing travel modes.

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