Assessing Growth Opportunities for an Auto Component Manufacturer

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, from the automotive industry, was a manufacturer of auto compoenetns and intended to explore the opportunities for expanding its business. The client requested UC Strategy to identify domestic as well as international markets (mostly European countries) for various auto components.

Our Approach

UC Strategy evaluated possible opportunities for the client’s expansion in the following manner:

  • Carried out in-depth secondary research to understand the characteristics and trends in the auto ancillary industry in India
  • Identified the tierisation structure of the global auto component industry and mapped the industry’s value chain
  • Studied the auto ancillary industry in India
  • Arrived at the market size, market share, replacement markets, product segmentations
  • Studied major Indian players and profiled the key players
  • Studied unorganised vs. organised sector’s dynamics
  • Studied and identified the most attractive exports markets (mostly in Europe)
  • Conducted study on Belgium’s country outlook and arrived at the attractiveness of the auto component industry
  • Also, studied the Indian excise and custom duty structure for auto ancillary products.

 Our Impact

The client gained deep insights into the market demand, structure and player dynamics of the auto component industry. They were also provided with an identification and definition of export markets in Europe, with detailed analysis on Belgium.

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