Assessing the Market for Aqueous Pigment Based Colourants for a Leading Multinational into Manufacturing Carbon Black in India

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The company was into manufacturing of Industrial Products and was the second largest manufacturer of Carbon Black in the world. It had technology to manufacture aqueous pigment based colourants for inkjet inks and was keen to explore the growing Indian inkjet market for aqueous pigment based colourants.

The client, therefore, requested UC Strategy to assess market potential for inkjet colourants in India, based on the current and future usage patterns in its application segments

Our Approach

To assess the market for aqueous pigment based colourants, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted primary research and analysed
    • The printer market
    • Inkjet printers/ photo printers
    • Inkjet printer cartridges
    • Refilling/ recycling vs. OEM sales of cartridges
    • Types of pigments available/ used
    • Imports and exports scenario
    • Price points
    • And average consumption of pigments
  • Estimated market size for aqueous pigment-based inkjet ink colorant based on
    • Number of inkjet printers, photo printers, wide format printers
    • Percentage of OEM sales, refilling sales, recycling sales
    • Percentage usage of aqueous pigment-based colorant
    • Percentage of Imports

Our Impact

The client received an insight into the market potential based on the evolution of the market, the competitive landscape, product segmentation and the strengths of the company. This enabled the company to address these segments.

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