Assessing the Market Attractiveness and Defining a Growth Strategy in the Logistics Space

Logistics Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client had a presence across various segments in the shipping and logistics business either directly or through joint ventures and had 27 offices across India.  The client requested UC Strategy to prepare a business plan to enter the coastal shipping business based on the following parameters:

  • Determine the likely growth of the domestic coastal cargo movement
  • Evaluate the opportunity in moving containers, Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC),  project cargo and dry break bulk commodities along both the east and west coast of India

Our Approach

To assess the market attractiveness and create a growth strategy, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted desk research and primary research across existing service providers, ports, user industries, shipping lines
  • Developed a perspective on the following parameters
  • Economic benefit for an end-to-end multi-modal movement using the coastal leg
  • Constraints imposed by the Merchant Shipping Act and Customs Act, on the growth of the industry
  • Trends in movement of ODC project cargo and dry break bulk commodities
  • Competition strategy and recent performance on coastal movement
  • Evaluated the strategic options available to the client and concluded on the way forward

Our Impact

The client received a clear analysis and understanding of the logistics industry in India. It also understood that moving forward, the coastal shipping business was expected to pick-up substantially.

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