Assessing the Market Perception of Competitor Brands for a Manufacturer of Indian Ethnic Food Products

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client was a leading producer of Indian Ethnic products (pickles, instant mixes, chutneys, curry powders etc.) for household consumption, with sales across various countries. The client was in the process of evaluating a leading competitor as a part of their partnership strategy in India and wanted to develop an understanding of the market perception of the competitor’s performance across various cities and product segments.


Our Approach

To understand how the market perceives the competitor’s products, UC STRATEGY adopted the following approach for the four product categories under consideration:

  • Conducted primary research with modern and traditional retail channels to understand the prevalence of branded products in each category and drivers for future growth
  • Mapped the market share and penetration of competitor brands in each product category, for modern and traditional retail outlets across 9 cities
  • Analysed the value chain for the distribution of each product category through distributor interviews
  • Developed an understanding of the key purchase criteria used by customers to select products in each category
  • Assessed the performance of competitor brands on key purchase criteria as perceived by customers and retailers


Our Impact

The client received a detailed insight into the market perception of competitor brands in the four product categories analysed, with a focus on the brand being evaluated for partnership

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