Assessing the Roadside Assistance Market in India and Creating an India Entry Strategy

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a European Roadside Assistance (RA) service provider was evaluating entry into the Indian market. They requested UC Strategy to assist them in developing an understanding of the RA market in India and provide a market entry recommendation for the same. The client primarily wanted to focus on the institutional customer segment (OEMs/ importers, insurance companies, fleet/ lease companies).

Our Approach

To assess the RA market in India and develop an India entry strategy, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Landscaped the private vehicle market in India
    • Understood the historic growth and forecast the future growth of car sales per brand over the last 3 years and the key drivers and inhibitors behind the same
    • Highlighted the trend in used car sales and the age of installed base of cars in India
  • Highlighted major initiatives that were likely to improve mobility over the next 5 years
  • Assessed dynamics of RA market in India
    • Prevalence of organised RA versus local garage services
    • Penetration of organised RA within different customer segments
    • Drivers and inhibitors across customer segments for RA services
    • Types of RA offerings
    • Usage dynamics of RA assistance
  • Mapped in-house RA services currently provided by OEMs and other organised players
    • Understood key expectations of OEMs from RA providers
  • Assessed the dynamics of RA programs for the rental companies/ fleets segment and auto insurance companies across different parameters
  • Profiled major RA providers and car insurance companies active in the RA segment


Our Impact

The client received a detailed understanding of the RA market in India and the factors that influence the decision to hire a RA service provider. UC Strategy also developed a three-stage entry strategy for the client with a roadmap including potential risks and their mitigation.







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