Assessing the Market Opportunity for Spine and Orthopedic Medical Devices in India

Biotech Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client was a leading multinational player in the medical device segment and requested UC to evaluate the opportunity for the value segment for spine products and for entering the broader orthopaedic market for surgical devices used for hip and knee surgeries in the premium segment.

Our Approach

To develop an assessment of the orthopaedic (premium) and spine (value) segment in India, UC triangulated primary and secondary research to:

  • Understood market dynamics for the orthopaedic and spinal segment
  • Determined key drivers that influence purchasing patterns based on key opinion leader (KOL) feedback across different customer profiles
  • Determined the key players in this market and their competitive dynamics and their product portfolios
  • Understood the distribution setup for these products in the market
  • Understood key challenges and opportunities in the market
  • Estimated the current market size for a range of products and their likely growth over the next 5 years

Our Impact

The client received a detailed insight into the value segment for spine products and the premium segment for joint replacement devices used in hip and knee surgeries in India.

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