Assessment of Yeast Market Landscape in UAE

Agribusiness Consulting Firm

Client Challenge

Our client was the first company in Japan to successfully mass produce yeast for bread, and also through the fermentation technology, over these years our client had contributed to supply high- quality biochemical and research. The top management required to evaluate and assess the Yeast Market in UAE. Hence, they requested UC Strategy to conduct a Market Landscape Study for yeast market in UAE

Our Approach

 To assess market landscape, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted an extensive primary research exercise across leading bakeries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to identify the industry key brands of yeast used, market size- by volume and value
  • Analysed the key applications that use yeast, proportion of yeast that goes into different applications
    • Examined the market size of baked good goods consuming yeast i.e. Arabic bread, buns, sliced bread, rolls, etc.
    • Estimated the volume of yeast for the above-baked goods for FY16 and FY21
  • Examined the usage of frozen yeast vs dry yeast in UAE market and how was the usage different from India
  • Understood the key growth drivers and market trends that are likely to impact the growth of yeast in UAE over next 5 years.
  • Assessed the sales promotion and distribution structure across yeast suppliers in UAE wrt to structure, leading distributors, sales promotion activities were done by distributors, distributors perception about yeast brands and yeast market size in UAE etc.
  • Understood the pricing structure for yeast brands amongst manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, customers
    • Current price for different brands
    • Price trend over next 5 yrs
    • Credit Management system among wholesalers, distributors and customers
  • Analysed key customer segments for yeast in UAE and estimated the market size for yeast by segment type i.e.
    • Artisan bakeries
    • Class A Industrial
    • Class B Industrial
    • Institution
  • Examined leading yeast brands in the UAE market, their market shares and customers perception about different brands, key purchase criteria and switching criteria were analysed
  • Examined the market dynamics wrt to flour used across baked goods segment in UAE

Our Impact

The client obtained detailed insights about the yeast market in UAE and potential action points to enter the UAE market.

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