Assistance in Budgeting and Target Setting for a Crop Protection and Industrial Chemicals Company

Food Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a crop protection and industrial chemicals company was facing the following challenges:

  • Existing annual targets and budgeting system lacked standardisation and integration across divisions and departments

    1) This led to poor analysis and review of budgets/ targets

    2) Integrity check across departments could not be done

  • Lack of detailed review of targets and budgets led to poor integrity with the overall corporate strategy.

Our Approach

To develop a plan for budgeting and target setting, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Defined and standardised budgeting formats and templates

    1) This facilitated quick analysis and review to reduce the budgeting time

  • Detailed and integrated review of draft budgets before finalisation to ensure

    1) Integrity with overall corporate strategy

    2) Integrity across sales, production and purchase plans

  • Developed cash flow budgets
  • Developed an action plan and review mechanisms
  • Defined budgetary controls and review mechanisms.

Our Impact

The client received a detailed template for their budget making processes that enabled efficiency and standardisation across the company.