Assisting a Glass Bottles Manufacturer in Redesigning the Organisation and Defining a Management Information System

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, an Industrial Products manufacturer focused on the perfumery segment with its two plants in India. The capacity of the plant had been doubled and the company was expecting quantum growth over a three-year period. However, the top management believed that the business was completely dependent on a few individuals and needed a change in the organisation structure. Thus, the client turned to UC Strategy to review the organisation and to assess the adequacy of staffing, roles and responsibilities of people.

Our Approach

To review the organisation structure for the client, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted Primary Research over 100 employees to understand their role, reporting relationships, issues etc.
  • Used a “social network” framework to understand “who made the organisation stop or go”
  • The analysis revealed that 4 key people influenced the social network and were the focal points of decision making in the organisation
  • Built a second line for the 4-key people and ensured that information flow across the organisation was uniform and not lopsided
  • Introduced a Monday morning meeting where HoDs would meet and update/be updated about developments in the organisation
  • Restructured the organisation with clear definition of people’s roles, responsibilities and metrics
  • Redesigned the performance evaluation system to incorporate tangible and intangible metrics and all the quality parameters
  • Defined a Management Information System report to use it as a common standard of reporting at Monday morning and other senior management / HoD meetings.

Our Impact

The client received a redesigned organisation structure defining the roles and job responsibilities of the employees. Also, the Performance Evaluation System and Management Information System was reformatted based on the parameters.

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