Assisting in Developing Strategies for Enhancing Market Share for a Leading Indian Farm equipment and Tractor Producer

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a leading Indian producer of farm equipment and tractors. It exported products to over 70 other countries.  The client has a strong market share in North India but is currently not performing well in the south Indian states. The client identified Andhra Pradesh as a key test state for research and employed the services of UC Strategy to seek ways for them to gain market share in the state

Our Approach

In order to formulate market share gain strategies, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • As a part of the assignment conducted extensive primary research in the selected state by the client. Surveyed more than 5 districts within the state
  • Interviewed more than 200 respondents across the value chain in agriculture to understand market dynamics and consumption patterns
  • Examined the farmer profiles and Key purchasing criteria’s
  • Examined the competition environment of other players in the market
  • Assessed the promotion strategies and business model used by other players in similar product categories
  • Drew out a strength – weakness matrix and identified GAPS in client’s present approach in the state
  • Analysed client’s dealership network and assessed the changes that were required.
  • Assessed financiers and dealers to identify best practices that could help the client gain market share through financial instruments.

Our Impact

We provided a thorough framework to the client to help them increase their market share. We also provided a defined process to improve client’s exchange tractor valuation at each step of the value chain.

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