Assisting in Preparation of a Business Presentation for a New Business Proposal to a Leading Global Luxury Cut Lead Glass Producer and Retailer

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a master distributor of a handful of international eyewear brand in India and has valuable experience in High – end retailing. The client wanted to present a business presentation showcasing client’s experience and strength in the Indian markets to present a business proposal to a leading luxury crystals producer and retailer. UC STRATEGY was hired to assist in preparing a business presentation for the same


Our Approach

In order to prepare a business presentation, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • Assessed and examined client’s internal business and processes to understand business model and strategies used
  • Presented an Indian overview and landscape of eyewear markets and brands
  • Presented a detailed profile of the client
  • Showcased the organisation structure with detailed experience of the key top management team
  • Explained client’s value chain and channel strength
  • Highlighted the long standing relations with premium eye wear brands
  • Highlighted robust financial growth and other financials to showcase a strong finance base of the client
  • Showcased client’s procurement and inventory management capabilities
  • Highlighted how a synergy could be achieved between the client and the global luxury crystal brand
  • Created a detailed business plan, which included detailed plans and operational detail such as:
    • Positioning and target market
    • Distribution channel and sales team
    • Marketing and promotion activities.


Our Impact

The client was handed over a corporate business presentation. This eventually led to a MoU between the client and the targeted Luxury crystal brand.


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