Branded Pulses Market Assessment and Entry Strategy for a Leading Multinational Company

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, a leading agribusiness and food company with operations across the globe had a presence in India through its edible oil brands. Apart from edible oil, it has a presence in oil derivatives such as fats and margarine catering to both B2B and B2C segments. To expand its portfolio of offerings, the client wanted to assess the future of the branded pulses market in India.


Our Approach

To assess the future of the branded pulses market in India, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Triangulated primary and secondary research to obtain the market size and the future growth rates for the given product segment in India and for other major pulses consuming nations
  • Analysed the value proposition offered by the current players and scope for differentiation
  • Analysed current and future channel receptivity
  • Developed summary snapshots for the product and identified salient macro trends and drivers likely to impact them
  • Analysed the trend of branding of food items such as salt and edible oil in recent years and the factors responsible for driving branding opportunities
  • Assessed customer segments and analysed the competitor landscape


Our Impact

The client received a detailed feasibility report on the branded pulses market in India, based on the future attractiveness.

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