Building Market Intelligence and Insights

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a reputed diversified group in India of ~INR 600 Crore and intends to accelerate its sales in LV, MV and HV segments across the customer and industry segments in India

The client was interested in understanding the competitive landscape for a range of products in its portfolio to develop market intelligence and insights; these outputs would help the company define strategic roadmap in future

Hence, UC Strategy was hired to conduct the engagement Building Market Intelligence and Insights


Our Approach

In order to conduct the market study for long products, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • As a part of the assignment conducted detailed discussions and interviews with more than 130 respondents across various segments
  • Undertook market landscaping, this included in depth assessment and analysis of:
  • Value Chain Comprehension
  • Players in the chain
  • Roles
  • Market Size and forecasts
    • By Channels & Regions
  • Market Segmentation
    • Distribution Channels
    • Geographic regions (NSEW)
    • Customers (power utilities, railways and industries etc.)
    • LV, MV and HV
  • Drivers/ Inhibitors of growth such as investments and drivers
  • Relevant Regulatory Issues
  • Market/Substitution trends for products
  • Key success factors
  • Assessed and examined the customer dynamics, this included:
  • Key Customer Segments
  • Customer decision making process
  • Customer preferences
    • Must-have and good-to-have features
  • Key Customer purchase criteria, procurement pattern and decision making criteria
  • Customer perceptions
    • Brands
    • Players
  • Customer satisfaction with the various touch points
  • Customers’ met and unmet needs
  • Examined and highlighted the channel insights in the industry, this included:
  • Insight into channel structure
    • Size of the networks
    • Tiering of channels
    • Margin Construction
    • Credit norms
  • Key players involved in the channel
    • Channel presence
    • Sales force
    • Channel specific brand perception
  • Relative importance of channels
  • Relative strengths and weaknesses of the channels
  • Channel partner incentivisation models in use by players
  • Undertook competition landscaping, this included:
  • Segmented players into strategic groups
  • Examined Competitors:
  • Market Shares
  • Capabilities
  • Competitive advantage
  • Product portfolio & price points
  • Product differentiation
  • Sales % profitability break-up
  • Brand perception
  • Channel mix, partner assessment
  • Profile of channel partners
  • Warranty clauses
  • Credit Period & terms of business
  • Recent strategic initiatives
  • Market size & growth
  • Capabilities required
  • Competitive intensity
  • Entry barriers
  • Margins in the business
  • Market evolution
  • Competitors’ evolution


Our Impact

The client received a detailed market intelligence report with available business opportunities in the market.

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