Business Re-engineering for a Shipping Company

Logistics Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, a shipping company which was into Surface transports and logistics, faced the following problems:

  • Absence of clearly defined vision and values
  • Dropping fleet utilisation
  • Absence of purchase and stores procedures
  • Lack of accountability between departments
  • Absence of defined roles and responsibilities at the top management level
  • Unclear reporting relationships
  • Lack of clear job descriptions
  • Inadequate performance measurement systems

Our Approach

UC Strategy adopted the following approach to assist in solving the company’s problems:

  • Defined the vision and values and communicated to all employees
  • Redesigned and successfully implemented the following processes
    • Vessel acquisition process
    • Dry docking process
    • Certification process
    • Procurement process
    • Accounting process
  • Developed a Microsoft project based on the dry docking and certification tools for optimum utilisation of the vessels
  • Defined and implemented a team based on the organisation structure with the primary objective of client management and vessel utilisation
  • Assisted the top management in the interviewing, induction and recruitment process for the vacant positions of fleet supervisors, head personnel and administration
  • Created detailed job descriptions for each position in the organisation structure and staffed personnel accordingly
  • Developed a comprehensive performance evaluation system and other policies of leave, travel, conveyance etc. as part of the human resource policy
  • Recommended the scrapping of the existing accounting software
  • Evaluated and selected the new accounting software after clearly defining the functionality requirements

Our Impact

The client implemented the office layout to facilitate effective communication between the key departments and received a short-term and long-term information technology strategy to support the business

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