Business Strategy for a Paints Manufacturing Company

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a paints manufacturing company that had shown an impressive growth rate of around 60% in turnover during its fourth year of operations. The top management wanted to reconfirm its Swiss partner’s business strategy of focusing on niche markets with premium pricing.

The top management asked UC Strategy to formulate a strategy that would allow the company to position and market its products effectively in the Indian market.

Our Approach

The client required answers to key strategic questions, for example:

  • Is there a niche for the company’s products?
  • Should the company be a niche player?
  • Is the company currently a niche player?
  • Can the company command a premium price?
  • How will the company grow in the future?
  • Which industries should the company focus on as target market?

Thus, to develop the business strategy, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Developed a strategic plan for the company based on its capabilities, the requirements of the market and the competitive scenario under which it operated
  • Conducted extensive market research across key markets nationwide (current and potential) to gauge potential for the company’s products in the Indian market
  • Mapped the competitive landscape of the market
  • Segmented the market to determine focus areas
  • Prepared a detailed assessment of target regions and industries vis-a-vis capabilities to determine marketing focus
  • Provided an in-depth analysis of target markets to understand key success factors and estimate future potential of each.

Our Impact

The client was provided with an implementation plan for consolidating its position in current markets and attacking new ones based on strategic postures to be adopted for each market, and the portfolio of actions required to do so.