Conducting a Market Study on used 4-Wheeler Market

Financial Consulting Strategies

Client Challenge

The client was contemplating to enter the Indian used car finance business, and as part of the evaluation, they requested UC STRATEGY to have an understanding of the used car market in India and also the used car finance industry (along with details of top players in this industry). The study included market/field survey on the used 4 wheeler financing situation in urban areas across 8 states of India

Our Approach

To assess the financing options and financiers present in the used 4W category in India

  • Conducted primary and secondary research at major used car OEM dealers across 8 states
  • Conducted primary and secondary research on the used car industry in India
  • Conducted primary and secondary research on used car financing players and size in India
  • Developed key summary findings of each state on Used 4W financing options, customer preferences, market leaders in each city

Our Impact

The client received overview of the industry and key insights on the used 4W industry and used 4W financing industry 22 cities/towns across 7 states in India to facilitate a go/no-go decision


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