Conducting Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking of an Indian Automobile Company

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a leading tractor and automobile producer. It wanted to conduct an exercise to develop a thorough understanding of one of its tough competitors in terms of its strategy.

The product coverage required by the client was:

  • Sub 3-ton category in CVBU (Commercial vehicle business unit)
  • Utility Vehicles in PCBU (Passenger car business unit)

The client wanted to assess and understand the mapping between competitor strategy and its operational/ tactical initiatives


Our Approach

In order to identify suitable business opportunities, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • Used extensive primary as well as secondary research for gathering required intelligence
  • Conducted in-depth desk research on the competitor
    • Competitor website scouring
    • Investor / analyst reports
    • Annual reports
    • Market research reports
    • News articles
  • Conducted detailed briefing sessions with the client strategy and planning team to obtain information that they already possess
  • Assessed product category orientation
  • Reviewed existing market analysis by the client strategy team
  • Available Analyst Research on Automotive and Track
  • Conduct initial interviews with select top management of the client, this was done to:
    • To understand top management perspective on competition with a focus on the following –
      • Competition leadership thinking models, perceived winning formulae
      • Product-wise marketing strategy
      • Tactical marketing initiatives and actions
      • Sales/ channel strategy
      • Capacity and product planning to the extent these are impacted by the product/ marketing strategy
      • Linkages between marketing strategy and the tactical marketing, operational initiatives
    • Based on these interviews with key client top management persons, developed hypotheses on how client strategy links into specific operational and tactical initiatives
    • Conduct detailed interviews with external respondents to validate the perspective gathered internally and sharpen understanding of competitor strategy
    • Compiled the competitors strategy mapping and its linkage with specific initiatives and actions on the ground, drew this out on a detailed strategy map

Our Impact

The client was handed over a detailed competition intelligence report along with detailed competitor strategy and business models surrounding each of competitors product in each automobile segment.

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