Conducting Feasibility Study of Entering Enclosure Manufacturing Business for a Leading Business Conglomerate Based in India

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Client Challenge

The client was a leading conglomerate group in India. One of the client companies was a joint venture between three companies and was in the business of energy products, transformers and Oil and Gas industries.

The client wanted to enter into the business of enclosure manufacturing and hence appointed UC STRATEGY to conduct a feasibility assessment.

Our Approach

In order to conduct a feasibility assessment, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • Conducted 30 interviews as a part of the project. These interviews were across industry segments requiring enclosures
  • Build the initial approach with the following:
    • Understanding Strategic Intent & Capabilities
    • Listing long-list Application Industries
  • Undertook a detailed opportunity assessment, this was done in detail to examine and understand the following perspectives:
    • Analysed the market
    • Assessed customer needs
    • Conducted competition analysis to understand how other key players were performing in the sectors
    • Assessed business risks
  • Defined core available opportunities
  • Defined market opportunity for a standard size of enclosure used in the market
  • Worked out the financial parameters for several modes of entry into the market.

Our Impact

The client was handed over a detailed feasibility report with an action plan for the next step.



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