Conducting Market Assessment for Clusters/Displays– Agriculture Segment for a leading global industrial giant having operations in 30 countries

Agribusiness Consulting Firm

Client Challenge

The client was a $1.3 bn. diversified industrial company serving customers from operations in more than 30 countries. The client was present in a broad array of niche markets including branded hydraulic tools and solutions; specialized products and services for energy markets and highly engineered position and motion control systems.


Our Approach

In order to conduct a market assessment, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • Conducted detailed primary interviews and undertook primary research
  • More than 30 interviews were conducted across a wide range of respondent ranging from tractor OEM’s to display and cluster manufacturers
  • Examined and presented the Indian agriculture equipment scenario
  • Highlighted the growth of Indian tractor market and its historical performance of last five years
  • Identified the demand and market potential of Indian tractors market
  • Pegged a growth rate for the tractors market in India
  • Looked at the market share of tractor players in India
  • Examined and presented the Indian displays and clusters market
  • Highlighted that Mostly entry-level cluster and displays are used for Indian markets
  • Highlighted the process used by OEM’s to select new clusters and displays vendor and drew out the entire purchase process
  • Assessed and highlighted the KPCs of tractor OEM while making purchase decisions
  • Examined the addressable markets and distribution channels involved in the business
  • Profiled the existing competitors in the business.


Our Impact

The client received a detailed market assessment of the products.

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